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The expo world is increasingly dynamic and constantly evolving and the success of a trade fair depends on the collaboration and integration of three interconnected worlds: those of exhibitors, visitors and standfitters.

Each of them is indispensable for the success of the others and for this reason Rimini Fiera pays close attention to the requirements of all of them, trying to monitor and meet those needs, thus ensuring that the development of businesses connected with the trade expos is more profitable and efficient, as well as being easier.

In particular, with standfitters´ requirements in mind, Rimini Fiera, with the support and collaboration of Consorzio Group Service, has created a service dedicated to standfitters, whose needs will thus be rapidly met by a single organization ensuring top quality, precision and competitive rates.

We have managed to set up this service thanks to the collaboration between Consorzio Group Service and Rimini Fiera, but also and above all thanks to the willingness of the pool of associated companies, which have consolidated professionalism and experience in the expo world and have once more demonstrated the dynamism and client care typical of the Rimini area.

For info and estimates:

Consorzio Artigiani Group Service
Via Orsoleto, 236
47922 Rimini (RN)
  (+39) 0541 742906
  (+39) 0541 358330