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The Show

SmVend is a vending tech startup. We produce an innovative vending telemetry controller, to facilitate cashless payments, and automate the business processes of vending machine owners and operators.


The Company

SmVend is a Latvian company with its HQ in Riga. We are more than 4 years in the market of vending technologies. We are a multinational team of young and Yeager professionals in technologies, development, design, sales and marketing. 
The main straight of SmVend is the extensive compatibility with almost any vending machine. Due to the fact that we have a team of engineers on board, we are ready to accept complicated challenges for customisation and offer solutions based on the specific needs of the client. Our solution for telemetry and cashless payments can be easily integrated into any market of the EU and UK.

What products/services will visitors find at your stand? 

We will present the SmVend telemetry controller itself and in integration with the POS terminal for cashless payments. 

But also the active offer from SmVend - SmVend controller + MyPOS mini for an attractive price, for more information visit SmVend POS Kit.

At SM Vend Stand will be present the CEO of the company - Alex Nikitin and Business Development Director - Anastassiya Yershova.

Who are your products/services designed for? 

Our products are dedicated to improving and facilitating the business of vending operators from different sectors. As well as vending manufacturer and distributors, who is willing to improve their core products with additional functionality. The SmVend solutions are compatible with various types of vending machines - coffee machines, amusement machines, commercial and industrial vending, laundry machines, car-washing stations, massage chairs, and others. 





What need / problem do your products/services respond to? 

The main goals of SmVend solutions are operational cost reduction and profit increase. By implementing our products the vending machine operators will experience:

  • the significant reduction of operational costs thanks to process automation;
  • the increase of customers loyalty by implementing the option of cashless payments; 
  • the extensive analytical information about the vending machines' operations helps to adjust and improve business activities. 


SM Vend Team!