The Show

'Our work is a game, a very serious game', this is the philosophy of Mondogiochi, that will present important innovations in Rimini.

Precisely because gaming is a very serious matter for Mondogiochi, reliability, high performance and a long life cycle are the winning features that have always set them apart.

Mondogiochi's research and development team, currently coordinated by Antonio Brunito, has produced several new products including a new series of vertical fishing crane machines.

At Rimini Amusement Show you'll find all the new prodcuts, such as cranes with a totally new design and an even better performing and safer programme, particularly the Shining Double, Shining Crane II Jumbo, Shining Crane II Standard and Takara. 


Ticket redemption and sports games will also be presented. Planet Ticket, already very popular in Italy due to its very fast gaming experience and high rate of repeat use, and Dragon Treasure, an approved scraper game with a number of variations in which to try your hand at winning more and more tickets.

As for sports games, the entire Put Master range, a golf simulator, will be featured. This product is patented by Mondogiochi and established throughout Europe. Finally, Tempo Soccer, a safe, durable table football game set apart by its Italian design, will also be presented.

The new products of Mondogiochi will wait for you at RAS,from 12 to 14 of March, at Rimini Expo Centre. Click HERE to buy online your ticket at a reduced price.