The Show

RAS is a real forum for the growth and development of the entire amusement industry and hosts leading national and international companies. Today we talk to Ketty Celli, Chief Designer - Product Manager of International Games trade SpA / Cool Things

New products

Last year we successfully launched the Crane Machines Surprise Packs. Due to their great success, this year we decided to produce our own Crane Machines suitable for game rooms and entertainment centres and we are excited to officially present them here at RAS and ENADA 2024.
We are proposing this innovation because we believe that in the existing market, our innovative proposal can fill gaps and satisfy latent needs. We believe that the unique approach and distinctive quality of our products can generate significant interest among consumers.

Which products will visitors find at your stand?

The products you will find at our stand embody the very essence of this dynamic industry. We offer a wide range of games, from the fascinating capsules to the practical flowpacks, from the addictive bulk to the Gravity box. Let's not forget the vending machines, designed for 50/65 mm or 90/100 mm capsules, along with the Crane machines, complete with their own crane mix for a unique gaming experience.
We have paid special attention to every detail, ensuring that the presentation of our products reflects the high quality and originality that sets us apart. Every game, without exception, has been carefully selected to ensure lasting enjoyment and maximum satisfaction for our customers. Importantly, all our products are licensed and, even more significantly, carry the exclusive Coolthings brand, a symbol of innovation and first-class entertainment. We invite you to explore our stand and discover a universe of exciting games that combines the quality of licensed products with the coolness of the Coolthings brand.


L'azienda About the company

We have been in the entertainment market for 32 years. Our company's success is mainly based on our flexibility and ability to quickly adapt the business to market demands.
Cool Things' ability to develop products and packaging solutions, driven by a deep understanding of the supply chain distribution market in the Far East has been instrumental in our success over these many years.
With over 40 million toys sold annually in Italy, Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia, Cool Thing is an established and reliable player in the capsule toys and pocket money toys categories.


"We are always organising something special for our friends, come and visit us and you will find out! We are waiting for you from 12 to 14 March at the Rimini Expo Centre!"

These are the words of Ketty Celli, Chief Designer - Product Manager of International Games trade SpA / Cool Things