The Show

ICube, exclusive 2024 Dalla Pria Group, Racing Car, Derby Day, Zombie Crisis and more at the Dalla Pria stand.

DALLA PRIA Group has been operating in the Video Games production and rental sector since 1954, positioning itself, both in terms of turnover and presence in the territory, at the top of the sector.

Here are some of the innovations that DALLA PRIA will present at Rimini Amusement Show 2024.


ICube is a 2024 Dalla Pria Group exclusive. A game that is already famous in the US and Asia, thanks to the classic "scraper" concept, it is suitable for many types of prizes, and includes a Limited Edition "Blind Box". This new method provides an interactive and fun gaming experience, and allows customers to receive secret prizes and collect exclusive editions. 




Racing Car

One of the games of the moment, featuring four stations and a cabinet with robotic features, fun and suitable for all ages. The game consists of driving while avoiding other players without going off the road, hitting coins to get more points and finish first. 



Zombie Crisis

Zombie Crisis is a videogame equipped with a cabinet, an LCD screen and two gun stations set in an apocalyptic scenario. The object of the game is to shoot all the zombies to prevent them from conquering the various territories, with four different game scenarios: Small Village, Old Town, Subway Station and Laboratory. A high-performance and dynamic game that will excite players of all ages! 



Derby Day

Derby Day is a redemption game equipped with four stations and an LCD screen. The game involves hitting the various holes with the balls provided to get your horse into first place. At the end of the game, the player will receive tickets based on the score achieved.