Rimini Amusement Show conference program

Tuesday 12th March

3pm - Diotallevi 1 Hall
EUROMAT Ex Com Meeting
Speakers: Jason Frost, President; John White, Domenico Distante, Paolo Dalla Pria, Sanne Muijser, Frits Huffnagel. Secretariat: Kieran O’Keeffe, Benita Lipps, Lorela Lohan.

Wednesday 13th March

3:30pm – Tiglio Room
e-Sports as business and opportunity.
Convention organised by GN Media

6pm - Diotallevi 1 Hall
Convention of Consorzio FEE

Thursday 14th March

1pm - Sapar Booth (A5/C5 Hall)
The great misunderstanding of ticket redemption.
Convention organised by Sapar and Consorzio FEE in association with Università Roma Tre.