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After three intense days of innovation, networking and knowledge sharing, AAA 2022 closed successfully on this August 12th in Guangzhou, with its leadership as one of the foremost events of the industry reinforced. 


AAA 2022 continues to provide the amusement and attraction world with superior products, fantastic experience and remarkable services.

——Mr. Yao Jun, President of China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions


Star-Studded Lineup of Guests at the Opening Ceremony

The first day of the show was marked by the presence of China’s industry thought leaders, local officials, and the congratulation messages from friends in India, UK, Russia and Mexico


Partial Special Guests at the Opening Ceremony

  • ​       Liu Jinhua, President of China Culture & Entertainment Industry Association (CCEA);
  • Yao Jun, President of China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (CAAPA);

  • Mei Qijie, Senior Inspector of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangdong Province;

  • Huang Minzhi, President of Hot Spring Tourism Branch of China Tourism Association (CTA);

  • Deng Zhiyi, President of Zhongshan Culture Industry Promotion Association and Chairman of Guangdong Jinma Entertainment;

  • Ye Weitang, President of Zhongshan Gaming & Amusement Association and Golden Dragon Group.



Overseas Friends With Their Congratulations!

  • ​       Igor Rodionov, President of RAAPA (Russia);
  • Rajeev Jalnapurkar, Chairman of IAAPI (India);

  • Dan Darcy, Founder of Attractions Near Me (United Kingdom);

  • Juan de Lascurain Gossler, CEO of Dream Big World (Mexico).



All-Round Post-Pandemic Success Applauded by Insiders

Sharing a 100,000 sq.m show floor with 2022 World Culture & Tourism Industry Expo, which covers sectors like tourism, billiards, pools, spas, and saunas, commercial flooring, prefabricated buildings, and etc., AAA 2022 has once again honored its commitment to bring diverse business opportunities for its attendees.


China’s culture and tourism market is showing strong resilience, and the bustling show floor of AAA 2022 is suggesting revival and prosperity. 

——Mr. Liu Jinhua, President of China Culture & Entertainment Industry Association (CCEA)


Of the exhibitors who attended the show, 87% plan to return in 2023 and 91% rated AAA 2022 as “excellent/very good” and “good”. All the encouraging feedbacks from our participants have indicated a bigger show next year. 


AAA 2022 Shone Spotlights on Hot Springs & Digital Sports

Being the two fastest growing segments in today’s tourism market, hot springs and digital sports deserve more attention. Not only were two dedicated show areas set aside for them, but corresponding forums were also staged to ignite new ideas!

Families & Elders’ Growing Interest in Hot Springs  

Under the lead of local associations, premium brands from China’s well-known hot spring provinces and cities like Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Chongqing and etc., have joined as exhibitors to together promote hot spring culture.

“Even amid the pandemic, China’s hot spring tourism in 2020 recorded a gross revenue of 105.95bn yuan with retirees’ visits to hot spring destinations notably increased,” as explained by Prof. Li Peng, director of China Hot Spring Sustainable Development Research Institute.

His opinions were shared by many exhibitors, like Green Spa Group, Grand Metropark Resort, Tianmu Group, Narada Resort & Hotel, Fuquan Art Spring, and etc. agreeing that more efforts should be channeled into hot spring products for families and elders.

Digital Techs Reshaping the Future of Sports Industry

By fusing traditional sports with newborn technologies, our exhibitors like Gooest, Zhilong, Liangjia, Fenzhong, and etc. haven taken the initiative to make sports accessible to more citizens and provide people with a more scientific approach to fitness.  

“Digital transformation is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for sports industry to boost their revenue,” said Gooest, the leading digital interactive technology provider. “From basketball, tennis, badminton, soccer, to archery, curling, handball, rock climbing, and etc., we have so far developed 18 popular digital sports products.”


AAA 2022 Shone Spotlights on Hot Springs & Digital Sports

A well-designed transport system that provides both practicality and enjoyment can become a significant attraction on its own. Instead of tandem bikes and golf carts, our exhibitors have offered some very intriguing transportation options.

Riding an Epic Glass Water Slide Down the Mountain

Combining the exciting elements of roller coasters and water parks, this special ride by Chengtao Special Equipment allows visitors to enjoy the breathtaking scenery around while having some exhilarating rafting fun. 

“Our longest glass water slide is built in Hangzhou, stretching 700m in total, with a height difference of 65m,” introduced Chengtao. “Its sides and bottom are made of multiple-layer laminated tempered glass, giving it high durability and impact toughness.”


Enjoying Spectacular Views On a Modern Elevated Train

Providing safe, comfortable, quiet and steady train ride experience, the single-rail elevated sightseeing train by CRRC Special Equipment can not only run above lakes and rivers, but also through forests and mountains.

“Covering a total distance of 11.5km, the elevated train we built in Guizhou runs through 22 natural attractions in Xishui County,” CRRC proudly introduced. “The train operates on electricity only, and is China’s first elevated sightseeing train that reaches the speed of 40km/h.” 


Thousands of New Products Came to the Stage

Offering both extensive media exposure and access to target clients, AAA is the ideal platform for new product launch. This year, over 1000 new products arrived at the show floor, many of which were bought by visitors on the spot.

Chunithm New!!

8 years after Sega released their popular music game Chunithm, the second-generation product Chunithm New!! was finally out last year, and was meeting its Chinese fans for the first time on the show floor of AAA this August.

As the game’s exclusive agent in China, Wahlap held a grand product launch on site, whose live-stream notched up over 2.44 million views. “We are very confident that Chunithm New!! will be a second big hit in the Chinese market, following MaiMai DX,” enthused Wahlap.


360 Roller

Actively embracing the digitalization trend, Jinma has rolled out one after another successful immersive ride in the past few years. Their latest invention is the 360 Roller, which is undoubtedly another delightful surprise to the industry.

“By rotating to correspond to actions on screen, the 360 Roller can vividly simulate experiences like sharp turns, instantaneous weightlessness, rotational falls, and etc.” said Jinma. “To add more interactivity, players will be engaged in a shooting battle against virtual enemies in the story. ”


Duojinbao SaaS System

Specially designed for claw machine operators, Duojinbao SaaS System by Leyaoyao is not only a powerful tool to improve efficiency, but also help drive revenue growth.

“The biggest highlight of this new system is that it allows players to trade prizes they don’t want for points, which can be saved up to redeem prizes of higher value,” said Leyaoyao “By building stronger playability, it can significantly increase your player retention rate and engagement.”


Live Forums & Conferences Connecting Offline & Online Audiences

Jointly staged by leading trade bodies, over a dozen of information-packed forums and conferences were held on site, which were live streamed to online platforms, reaching tens of thousands of insiders who were unable to attend in person.


Partial Live Forums and Conferences on Site

  • 2022 World Culture & Tourism Conference
  • 2022 Future Tourist Attraction Innovation & Development Forum
  • 2022 China Indoor Amusement Park Development Conference
  • 2022 China Indoor Amusement Park Operation Conference
  • 2022 Indoor Sports Park Development Conference
  • 2022 China Digital Sports Development Forum
  • 2022 Innovation & Development Forum of Hot Spring Tourism & Water Parks
  • 2022 Global Pool & Spa Industry Development Forum
  • 2022 Smart Swimming Center Forum
  • 2022 China (Guangzhou) Study Travel & Camping Development Forum


Partial Live Events’ Co-Organizers

  • China Tourist Attractions Association (CTAA)
  • Guangdong Tourism Attractions Association (GDTAA)
  • Guangzhou Association of Tourist Attractions (GATA)
  • China Hot Springs Tourism Association (CHSTA)
  • Guangdong Electronic Sports Association
  • Guangdong Study Travel Association (GDSTA)
  • Xiyou Academy
  • Pokiddo
  • Baodian Technology
  • ... ...



Tourist Attraction Supply-Demand Matchmaking Meeting

Emerging from the pandemic, tourist attractions across the country are actively sourcing new equipment to prepare for the return of visitors.

To facilitate quality business exchange between our exhibitors and buyers with serious purchasing needs, a matchmaking meeting was staged on the 11th, attracting buyer companies like Fisherman’s Wharf Town, Yuntianhai Primitive Forest Resort, Yunyao Tourism Development, Lieying Sports Culture Development, and etc.

The meeting counted a total of 22 suppliers, offering products and services like amusement rides, unpowered playgrounds, landscape lighting, live entertainment solutions, camping equipment, attraction management systems, and so forth. 


Exhibitors That Attended the Meeting

  • Golden Dragon Amusement Equipment
  • Dinfone Culture Technology
  • Chengtao Special Equipment
  • Lucidomes Technology
  • Vessel Culture Tourism Development
  • Cowboy Recreation Equipment
  • Jinma Immersive Technologies
  • Family of Childhood Industrial
  • Shenzhen Docom Technology
  • Ocean Amusement Equipment
  • Zhejiang Xiujiang Industrial
  • Hogwood Amusement Equipment
  • Shiji & Galasys
  • Himalaya Outdoor Products
  • Longxiang Recreational and Sports Facilities
  • Augustine Industrial Group
  • Sanseshi Environmental Art Design Institute
  • Jinshi Amusement Equipment
  • Potevio Rail Transit Technology
  • Jiangxi Polyrise Technology
  • Binzhou Nets Tribe
  • Golden Credit Amusement Equipment




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